Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pixie Cut Sunday: Why Get a Pixie Cut?

Hours after getting my first pixie cut.
Since I got it, the pixie cut has been one of my defining features.  It was part "post breakup" haircut, part "it's 95 F and I can't stand long hair anymore," and part "Lisbeth Salander sure is badass," but more than all that, it was something I'd been planning for eight months.  Even though I know hair grows back, convincing myself to get a pixie cut took a lot of effort.  I'd had my hair at every length between lower back and lower jaw before I decided to get a pixie cut.  And you know what?  Some of those lengths looked awful on me (especially mid-neck with bangs).  So I had to be convinced I'd look good in a pixie cut and want to keep it for a while, as growing it out would be an ugly process.  I measured my facial proportions and compared them to those of about 120+ pictures of women with pixie cuts that I'd downloaded (I am a math major, anyway).  During July 2011, I finally made the decision.  I booked the hair appointment two months ahead of time and psyched myself out.  Guess what.  I loved it.
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So, to any of you who are on the fence about whether or not to get a pixie cut, here are the advantages and disadvantages I've found so far.

  • The obvious: it's super easy to manage.  Try going down from two quarter-sized dollops of shampoo/conditioner to a dime-sized dollop.  It's fantastic, and I run out of shampoo less often.  In fact, 2-in-1 works just fine, because my hair never gets tangled.
  • You instantly look more chic.  A well-styled pixie cut looks sophisticated and fashionable.
  • But it doesn't have to.  A small amount of texturizing wax or gel can turn a pixie cut into a rugged carefree choppy look.  Faux-hawks are pretty awesome too.
  • If you do dye your hair (and it turns out poorly), you won't have to wait long to cut it off.
  • Skinny headbands and clips galore!
  • If you like dying your hair fluorescent colors, you'll have to do the whole head.  Streaks and highlights don't look great, and they grow out even worse.
  • Your neck will probably get cold in the winter.
  • You'll always have bangs.
All that aside, getting a pixie cut was a very personal experience for me.  I'm tempted to say it drastically altered my personality.  Either that, or it took a drastic alteration of my personality to convince myself to get the pixie cut in the first place.  In any case, take it seriously; make it personal.  There's no one "pixie cut" that looks good on everybody.  Find your shape and make it yours!

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